2018 updates/phone clear-out

So we are coming up on 3 months trading as Wellington European, its been super busy and I just haven’t got to the blog, so here’s a weeu download from the phone, a sample of some of whats been coming through the shop.  Couldn’t have asked for a better start with the rebrand and continually surprised by the diversity of what comes through the front door!!

Servicing is still the back bone of what we do and the service work and new inquiry has definitely escalated.

Above = Timing chains and cam cap mods on a GranTurismo Maserati

Above and below = finding solutions to a failed front pipe on an Audi. Aftermarket generic universal install.





Rear brake discs for the above RS4





Jaguar and Land Rover parts now available direct form Australia






Above =- new number plate surrounds, we like!














Craven supercharger pulley puller kit/ required when fitting the craven supercharge pulley = more power!!!






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