Audi V6 compression/ Check engine light

Chasing some poor results on this V6 engine from the compression test and the cylinder leak down test.  Glad to have found several valves not seating nice.,  While this ones being worked on in the machine shop we can start getting the engine out of an RS4 that having camshaft issues.












Mechanical break down warranties recommended

We are huge advocates for mechanical breakdown insurance, and this week has highlighted the importance., we have four big engine jobs queued at the moment, all eligible for a warranty policy, only two have…

These pics are of a GTI Golf that’s travelled less than 120,000kms.  Presented to us for the first time with an engine light on and a light tapping from the engine.  This is a very common fault of a Mk V GTi.  Unfortunately someone has replaced the fuel pump (Tappet) plunger on this one but the damage was already done.. The unsuspecting new owner has picked up an expensive fix, requiring a new camshaft, fuel pump and associated parts to get things up and running again.

Other jobs on the go include failed cams on an RS4, Nil compression on a V6 A4 Audi, and another MK V Gti with Nil oil pressure at idle, maybe some future blogging to happen here once we open them up…..


New camshaft on the right, end lobes nearly completely gone on the Left camshaft







Haldex VW and Audi

Nice MK IV R32 in today getting the Haldex filter and oil changed.

More and more enquiry coming through re servicing the Haldex and the DSG Gearbox’s in Audis and VW’s.

Questions like can we do it? Well of course we can!!










More and more enquiry to service the Haldex so here’s the tool for the job to make it a bit easier for the techs….



SLK Mercedes getting some new filters

Air filters and pollen filter(Cabin filter) going in today.  Very important to have clean air for your engine as well as for your passengers…


Audi parts have arrived direct from Germany

Audi Goodies, hard to find parts for an RS2.  Not in the usual catalogue for  this prototype Audi.

Cam belt kits, water pumps and crank pulley gears and bolts


Mercedes Engine rebuild.

Merc 280SE Engine getting a freshen up.  Hopefully refitting for this month.








Cylinder heads gone on after a complete rebuild, looking great.. Cant wait to get it back into the car




Some more work has happened this week, bolting on a lot of the externals, nearly ready to be put back into the car. The transmission is also having a tidy up so waiting on that to return from the specialists..


Looking forward to firing this one up…



Winter is here

Some Toy Shop Wellington Winter Apparel


AMG Week

Short Week this week, nice to have a couple of AMG Mercedes come through the doors.  The coupe hasn’t seen many km’s over the last few years, so we did our part to help get the rego back on track, while the C55 got a fresh set of front brakes and the LiquiMoly service treatment.






AMG Mercedes Brakes

Some new parts going onto a C55 AMG this week.  Quality Zimmerman German parts.


Mercedes Parts S600 Coil pack, Thank goodness for Warranties!!

S600 Mercedes Coil Pack direct out of Germany

Here’s an item you wouldn’t want to fail without having a comprehensive mechanical breakdown insurance. Our customer will be paying his excess of $350inc GST, phew!!

Believe it or not this has a retail price recommended at over $4000, and this car has two of them.. Ouch


If you have any questions regarding a Warranty, or warranty questions in general feel free to contact me via this website, or call or email

John 04 3848867