Jaguar Service Wellington European

Jaguar in for service today. Very large and very luxurious….




DSG service, LiquiMoly 8100

Newly serviced DSG, ready to rock and roll!!

Audi service

Great view this morning getting to work, This ones getting a water pump with some help from Autosure.  Pays to have a warranty.. Getting the S-tronic adaptations done while its in too.

REBRAND Alert!!! Wellington European (weeu), Big changes at 6 King Street, Wellington

Wellington European… (WEEU) New name, but the same people in the same location, 6 King street.
We’ve operated for 5 years under licence for a 35year old Wellington brand dealing with British and European vehicles.  April 2018 see’s the end of our five year deal to trade under this long standing Wellington brand, however one door closes and another one opens, we are super excited to bring Wellington European to you….
WELLINGTON EUROPEAN ltd will be an opportunity for us to continue to build on our strong foothold in Wellington in the British and European vehicle servicing and repairs market.  We have a big focus on vehicle servicing with quality parts, premium oils and experienced technicians.
As the owner operator, you get to deal with me every step of the way, from making your booking to receiving your keys upon collection. Personalized service and happy customers is definitely what gets our engines running. –
Updates August 2018
So after nearly 4 months of the new brand we are full steam ahead, please check out the resent blog posts,
We’ve knocked walls down and taken on some much needed real estate.
This month we’ve been doing deals with some new tools coming on board from Autologic and Snap-on.  These include some fantastic battery supports to complement our new diagnostic tools adding to our diagnostic and programming capabilities.
Looking at some exciting specialist tools coming in the new year also. (watch this space).
Parts deals have been done locally and abroad, and we now carry small stock for Jaguar, and Land Rover, looking to build on this over time.  more options however has meant better delivery times etc, win win.
Courtesy cars are getting changed around, retained one of our existing BMW’s, the other 2 are on the move. We’ve bought a Mk5 Golf onto the fleet, maybe you’ve seen it.
And most of all we’ve been busy, so thank you to everyone for sticking with us during this transition….
Some of but not all of the services we offer:-
WOF inspections. –
Servicing and repairs –
Bulbs to Engine rebuilds to Restorations. –
Parts, New, Used, Genuine, Aftermarket and Accessories –
JLR Parts, –
Warranty Policy and advice, Warranty Servicing and Warranty Repairs. –
Remap tunes, –
TBC Importation of vehicles, to order.
Enquiries welcome. –
Courtesy vehicles onsite, available by appointment.
For any other inquiry just give us a call. We will be happy to assist you.
My personal cell phone number is 021 144 9346 and my email is
Check out a selection of some recent cars, jobs, and work completed on the build up to the brand change….
One of our Mercedes below , oh and a pretty cool ‘newish’ Morgan
Audi Quattro, first car to be photographed under the new sign, privileged to have this rare car in the shop
Some of the new branding to get out there, plate surrounds, lube stickers etc….


Soon to be branded MK5 Golf, new courtesy car to replace one of our BMW’s

Audi RS4 getting an engine refitted….






This pic was few months ago, when we started on some reno and spruce up of the shop, for those who are familiar with our shop, hopefully you will see some big changes….  And the Landy is mine!!!!  You should see the blog!

Office Exterior had a tidy up, new paint and now one colour…..

Entrance way all tidied up, new doors, paint etc, much brighter, we like and hope you do too…..

Below, 1 of our new battery supports to compliment our growing requirement with service and diagnostics work

Courtesy cars, first time we had these both at the shop at the same time since the rebrand… working for their keep!!


These things are massive!

Golf Gt to be part of the Wellington European fleet.

This came through needing some repairs and the customer had already replaced with a new car. so we decided we might take it on and retire one of the three BMW’s that have been servicing Wellington customers for over 4 1/2 years.  Very tidy Golf GT done super low KM’s. Will be TOY005 on the fleet, looking forward to having it running around…

It does have a leaking water-pump, so first job is water-pump and cam-belt, update the service, EGR valve needed and a saggy roof liner to be repaired.

We bought plates along time ago so time to print ‘TOY005’ for this one, MK5 and 005, was meant to be.

Some obvious work is the headlights have gone all cloudy.  We get our friend Chris in from Final Touch to work his magic on these ,gets a great outcome and a great warranty as well…

How’s that comparison?!  Money well spent


Head line ris a bit tired too, so that’s come out for some new fabric…

Above, failed roof liner, below, re-covered and ready to go in….

Fixed the failed water pump that was pouring water out, just to find a very minor leak at the radiator..(  New radiator going in/ car is service position.

1Series BMW’s

A nice couple of white hatches in, 130 and 135.  Both very nice rides





BMW 650 V8 Twin Turbo

BMW 650 V8 Twin Turbo.

In for some LiquiMoly servicing, and Battery replacement…


Lotus Service

2017 Lotus Elise getting a first service. Stunning little car with just over 1000km’s on it.







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