Type_R Civic

Something pretty special in today, I’m told a very rare car in NZ, Type R Honda Civic, from my short drive up the street after the service I think this would be a huge amount of fun!!




Peugeot RCZ in for WOF and Service

2011 Peugeot RCZ


Not too many of these on the streets of Wellington, Awesome looking car, Peugeot did well!!




ToyShopWellington Manfeild Playday

Manfeild Racing.

So I’ve been invited along to a ‘playday’ track day by one of our good customers so thought I would put one of our courtesy cars on the track…

Our suppliers were nice enough to donate some high temp brake fluid for the track so I thought we would add some more stickers for the weekend.

#racecar …haha


325 Automatic race machine… Only just run in with 210,000kms






Graham and I on track doing some hot laps, what a great day!!! Had guys asking what was done to the car, response…”it got 98 at BP”…  Haha, courtesy car racing!!


Documentation happening, followed by a drivers briefing.




V10 Audi there, running in one of the other groups, very nice


A real mixture of cars, wish I had taken some more pics….


End of the day and no damage, opted out of the last run as the rain started coming down

Audi in for some service items today….


New car and customer to us for the first time with their A3..


Mini in for service. Getting LiquiMoly oils and added to our customer care program.

Mini in for service today, nice new LiquiMoly oil going into the engine, as well and getting our complimentary 6 month breakdown service included.



Free nationwide breakdown service included with all routine servicing.

All vehicles serviced at The Toy Shop Wellington receive a complimentary six month break down service as part of our customer care program.  Cover is nation wide.  Get in now to have your FREE  breakdown service in place over the xmas holiday period.

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You may have seen these running around wellington, we have 3 of these BMW’s as Courtesy Cars, available by appointment, or working in the city we can offer a drop off, or make use of the bus stop 3minutes walk away.  For those short waiting jobs there’s a great coffee shop just over the road…



Audi RS6, V10 twin Turbo BEAST!!

Audi RS6 in for service… I would say ‘Routine Service’ but there’s not a lot routine when servicing a dry sumped V10, twin turbo.  A substantial amount of LiquiMoly 4200 5/30 absorbed by this massive engine…

New to Wellington and new to our shop so its getting the once over…

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Two Alfa Romeo’s in today for WOF and Service work. Both stunning!!

Two Alfa Romeo’s in today for WOF and Service work. Both stunning!!