Mercedes A250 in for Service

This beauty was in for service this week, stunning car. I think i want one!


Golf Service

Freshly imported Golf GTi getting a service today

Mercedes Detailing

Mercedes in for a WOF and Service, upgraded to a detail, Another great job by Chris at final touch


Mustang Stinger

Ford Mustang Stinger in for service.  This thing is a beast.










Jaguar Service Wellington European

Jaguar in for service today. Very large and very luxurious….




Lotus Wellington European visit

Lotus Evora visits Wellington European

Not the first Evora we’ve seen and hopefully not the last. Super cool little sports car getting a check over…







DSG service, LiquiMoly 8100

Newly serviced DSG, ready to rock and roll!!

Expanding the workshop. WEEU Rebrand (Updated)

So 2018 has been an exciting time for us, our previous ‘brand’ licence came to a close in April.  We have had a busy 6 months tidying up some of the entrance way and rooms on the southern side of the workshop, still a work in progress.  We have also had on offer the possibility to take on some more real estate within our current building (areas used as storage by the previous owner of the building and business).

This deal has now been done and the timing couldn’t have been better.  We’ve gained some valuable floor space as well as two mezzanines.  Looking forward to moving into these areas and continue with the clean up/organizing.


May 1st is getting close, areas been cleared out so we can start to move in, I can see a wall coming down and an extra hoist going in!!!


Old car, New look. Had three of these BMW’s, just cant say goodbye to this one……

Left in charge to 2 classics and some engines, not a bad view for us car guys….

I think the wall has to go!!!

Audi service

Great view this morning getting to work, This ones getting a water pump with some help from Autosure.  Pays to have a warranty.. Getting the S-tronic adaptations done while its in too.

Detailing Chris at final touch working his magic

This car was in a bit of a state, wish we had grabbed some before pics, end result speaks for itself though.

Interior exterior detail, huge effort put into this car to bring it back to life..