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So here is a bit of a follow on from my last Exocet blog ‘Exocet’

Graeme has made the decision to give his project a little hurry along and has dropped it into us today, our first day back for 2016.  Plenty here to do, kicking off with getting a clutch pedal and hydraulics organised.

All the plumbing still to do, brake lines, clutch line, fuel lines etc.  Also wiring and a lot of fabrications, brackets etc.  Great project to be involved with…


Great to see it in the shop and on a hoist..


Clutch pedal box mounted and plumbed.  Large amount of factory pipe work made redundant/, new custom flexi made to measure, looking good… Not a 5 minute job, lots of fettling required to make things fit, all pedal heights different/ more work here required.  However, we have a sealed system and functioning clutch hydraulics….


No donor car here so everything has something missing, lock nuts for tie rods, brake pads and hoses etc.  Everything in this corner we have gone right through, tightened, locked up, split pins where they should be.  New pads, hoses and rack boots… All that’s needed here is to mount the brake hose and its onto the next corner..


Right hand side now all secure, brakes plumbed up.  Found a couple of fittings for the rear brakes. Just one line now to manufacture and we can get some fluid it and get a brake pedal….


Check out the slow-mo video we took grinding some redundant mounts off the back.. pretty cool



Progress made 21/1/16

All the brakes are plumbed up, bled an working, Clutch also.  All corners have been apart, checked and back together and commissioned as safe, split pins and lock nuts added where they need to be.  Some rivnuts added and items secured.  Wiring loom is laid out and partially connected up.  We took a ride today out to see Daryls green machine just to get a feel for some of the routing, and fitment of final items.  Was worth the trip..

Welded on uprated rear lower subframe mounts…

To do, Tank and fuel lines, Radiator mounts and hoses etc, Loom… then things will be close..


Mounts going in to support the radiator, trying to still utilise the original MX5 Radiator support brackets, possibly a slimmed down cooling fan to make it all work.  Nick oblivious to the camera!! Snapped!!


Wiring loom, its spaghetti junction, pulled from a car with very few labels.  Thankfully most of it is self explanatory.  Have stripped a lot back and pulled the  bulk head wiring looms through the main bulk head loom grommets to position main fuse and relay boxes etc in the cabin rather than the engine bay.  Still a lot of work to do here, unknown how much of it will be redundant until its all laid in and plugged in…


Radiator mock fit, managing to keep the factory mazda supports, now to get a fan to fit…


Looks about right!!!


Light on, slightly different from what comes in the kit, and secured very discretely compared to what we’ve seen..


23/11/16    So its been a while since we have updated the progress on the exocet.  The workshops been extremely busy so its been in the corner for a while.  We’ve been working our way through the wiring and had a bit of an issue with no spark.  It took some research with the help of our electrician to confirm a vital piece was missing which we had suspected.  (NZ new MX5’s had added security)

This required locating the part which is coded to the ECU supplied which was proving to be impossible. Second option was a replacement ECU to plug in (From a Japanese import MX5).  Once we plugged in we had spark and the engine would now run with some engine start.  So today we completed the wiring to the fuel pump and now have a turn key start.

img_9859-mov-exocet    (Engine running video, first start with fuel pump running).




Some cute exhaust work, will be nice to have it connected to the engine.




Still some wiring to tidy up here but mostly its all in place, Radiator mounted, intake completed, fans connected.

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January 5, 2016 at 1:45 PM

Excellent John, enjoy the build!!

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