Michelin Pilot Sports now available!

We’ve added some great tyre brands to our ranks over the last couple of years to get our piece of the tyre action. And it just made sense to move the tyre sales in house to have better control over our work flow and ensure we meet expectations . Just recently we’ve taken on a new supplier which means we have added Michelin to the growing list. Michelin is a very well known brand that has been around believe it or not since the late 1800’s, starting out in bicycle tyres.

Some other brands to name a few that we have access to include:
Continental, Maxxis, Goodyear, Yokohama, Pirelli, Nankang, Toyo, and Hankook.

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Pilot Sports are a known favourite that our customers have asked for, and being an observer of many local car forums and groups we just know these are the tyre of choice for many VW and Audi drivers in particular. So, our customers have spoken and we’ve engaged a wholesaler to get Michelin on board.

Something you might not know it the way Michelin label their tyres, when looking for a ‘Runflat’ option most of the manufacturers label them as ‘ROF’ or ‘RFT’ etc. Michelins are ‘ZP’ for Zero Pressure.