Rhino-Rack. We love your Roof boxes

Overdue an update here, We’ve been doing Rhino-Rack sales and installs for quite sometime. Over the years the range has grown and a lot of it has been updated/improved. Recently we took delivery of the current model 530Litre roof box. A very elegant looking piece of hardware having moved away from the grey roof boxes of old, the new models are featured in a glossy black textured finish.

Check out the links below to see the large range of roof racks, boxes, bike racks, awnings, accessories and more

Visit RHINO-RACK Website for pricing

Visit the RHINO-RACK Fitment guide

The racks themselves are stylish with a great online fitment guide. The below racks are standing the test of time having been fitted to our company car now for several years and a still looking as good as new. FITMENT GUIDE, see what fits your vehicle

Collected from the local warehouse, this one below is destined to be fitted to a Mitsubishi Outlander, along with some new Rhino Racks. A family that likes to go camping went for the 530Litres of extra luggage space!

Rhino Rack Roof Box

One of the cool products we can offer from Rhino.  We’ve been putting this one through its paces over the xmas break.  Great looking and very functional unit.  This one is now up for sale and at a reduced ‘demonstrator’ price, was $799, now $649inc GST

Check it out at Roof Box for Sale