Wellingtons European car servicing specialists. Servicing from $300+gst. Have your vehicle serviced by the guys who are passionate about cars.

We are among a select few garages in Wellington chosen to stock LiquiMoly oil.  LiquiMoly has received Number 1 status in Germany for the last 5 years running.

Our standard Service includes replacing the engine oil and oil filter.

All other fluids are inspected, including a moisture content test on your Brake Fluid and Coolant condition tested.  Other fluids are generally on a schedule which we can refer to and advise on as required.  Air filters and Pollen filters are inspected.  Other inspections included but not limited too are, Drive belts, Brakes, Tyres, Lights and other safety related componentry.

Also included is a diagnostic scan (report printed if requested) and the service reset.  We have invested heavily in the latest Diagnostic Scan tool equipment, our testers include, Autologic, Autel, Autodiagnos,  Snap-on and Ross-Tech (VW/AUDI Specific).

Service and WOf combined we do the WOF inspection 1/2 price.

Expert servicing & WOF inspections

We can take a look under the hood

The Wellington team of skilled mechanics are trained and equipped with the latest tools to ensure they provide you with the best stress free service for your European vehicle. We are here to provide solutions to your motoring needs, whether that be an urgent while you wait WOF inspection or if time is tight we can arrange a courtesy vehicle or offer a drop of/pick up service locally.


We can provide one on one personalised service. As the owner operator, you get to deal with me every step of the way, from making your booking to receiving your keys upon collection. Unlike many larger operations, where often you could easily deal with 4 or 5 people throughout the entire transaction creating confusion.

Diagnostic services & high tech tools

We take care for your vehicle


We have  the latest handheld diagnostic tools from the UK and Europe. These tools allow us to perform a range of functions from, resetting service lights through to assisting our technician’s with diagnostic fault finding. Extensive vehicle coverage for more than 80 American, Asian and European vehicle manufacturers. We can view live data in text, graph, analog or digital gauge for easy data review and analysis.

The scan tools can carry out a range of function checking multiple systems in your vehicle including engine management, ABS, SRS (airbag) systems, power train to name a few. Our tools also allow us the ability to print out this data to review with our customers.  New in 2016 ‘Autologic Scan tool’.

Parts & Accessories

We can fine-tune your car

We can supply high quality genuine, OEM, aftermarket, used or refurbished parts. We outsource our parts supply, giving us more flexibility to ensure we get quality parts at competitive pricing. For Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles we carry a stock of fast moving parts on site to ensure there are no hold ups during routine service and WOF inspections. For all other brands, we can source parts on the day or arrange to have them on site for your service appointment.

Through our network we also have access to accessories for many makes and models, everything from lowering kits for your BMW, to winches for your 4WD. We will make it our priority to find what you are looking for and of course installation is no problem.

We only use quality oils, we ensure the correct grade and additive package for your vehicle. Liqui Moly is factory approved and was recently voted by 4 independent surveys, Germany’s number 1 oil brand.


We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with EUROTUNE to be one of their official NZ dealers.


Why Now?

We have facilitated many tunes during our time as Wellington European.  ‘Eurotune’ came onto our Radar early 2024. After researching their product and services we have made the decision to jump onboard and become a ‘Eurotune dealer’.  Some of the services on offer include, Power Tune, Economy Tune, Pop and Bangs, disabling Start stop features etc…



Eurotune ECU remapping provides the best quality car tuning services and vehicle emission solutions for European, British, Japanese and Korean Cars, Vans, 4×4’s, Utes and Motorhomes.

Our ECU tuning will unleash the power, torque and engine response that your vehicle should have left the factory with

Offering both Hydrogen Carbon Clean and Walnut Blasting to keep your engines in top shape.

Stage 1 Being Hydrogen Carbon clean machine.

Stage 2, Hydrogen Carbon Clean machine and Liqui-moly intake cleaner.

Stage 3 Walnut Blasting

Stage 4 = All of the above

What is it? quite literally its a machine that uses compressed air and fine crushed walnut shells to remove carbon build up. In our application, usually intake ports and the back sides of intake valves.

Why do it? Alot of modern engines by design are prone to carbon build up in the intake system, over time as the carbon build up increases the efficiency of the engine reduces, meaning less performance, fuel economy etc.

Why now for WEEU? We deal with a lot of cars that suffer from carbon build up, and a lot of our customers like to keep there cars no only going, but going like they should! We follow a lot of forums and in recent times have seen a lot of discussion on this topic. We also dont know of many local workshops that offer this service so decided now was the time. Its also a good fit with our other Detox Tools and Tuning service we now provide.

Whats involved? There is some time involved and the time taken varies from car to car. We do have to remove the intake manifold to gain access to the intake ports, this can mean on some cars, intake runner flaps also need removing. Each cylinder is done separately as the valves need to be in the closed position so as to not fill the cylinder with walnut shells, all other ports are masked off etc to avoid walnut shells going where they are not wanted.

Peace of mind motoring, is a mechanical breakdown insurance for you?    Questions?? Ask John@weeu.co.nz

So, being the guy at the desk organizing the shop, the customers the repairs and quotes, I often find myself asking the question, do you have a warranty or breakdown insurance on your car..? This is often followed by “No, I purchased the car privately”, or ‘Ive had the car for years now”.

Its not common knowledge that you can go out and purchase a policy on your car from the likes of ourselves or various finance companies and car yards around NZ. Providing the car meets the criteria and is checked for any pre-exisiting faults, its just a matter of providing some very basic information and choosing the level of cover you would like.

We can put mechanical breakdown insurance in place for most European cars up to 16 years old and 250,000 kms. All policies come with a 24/7 road side assist if something were to happen while travelling this holiday season and beyond. Seeing some of the failures and the repair bills, we are huge advocates for mechanical breakdown insurance. A good way to future proof yourself against costly repairs with the added bonus of the road side assist. Obviously there are terms and conditions, however in a nut shell we can put in place cover for most European vehicles up to 16 years old and a whopping 250,000kms. Exclusions are the likes of AMG, and RS Audis etc (still an option , but much lower age and km’s restrictions). Any questions, give us a call, happy to assist.

A brief summary of whats covered, in most cases its mechanical and electrical items that are not deemed to be routine maintenance items. We have replaced everything from window regulators to engines. Depending on the level of cover, some policies have a claim limit of up to $10,000 (per claim). This is a significant sum which we have seen spent on a few occasions now on policies. The list of items covered is just too long, however if you had any specific questions feel free to give us a call, I’m sure I will be able to answer most questions on the spot.


Is there a claim excess.,? Yes there is usually $350-$450
Is there a limit on claims.,? No there is not.
What do I have to do.,? The car must be serviced every 12 months, and in most cases, Diesels are 10,000km and Petrol’s are 15,000. So annually or by km’s, whichever comes first.
Are oils and fluids covered on claims.,? On the top tier policies, yes they are, IE A water-pump
job may need fresh coolant. Also often covered are wheel alignments, freight, diagnostic scan tools if they are required to complete the job. Lower tier cover these would be additional.