We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with Eurotune NZ to be one of their official NZ dealers.

Check out the link to their site, put in your vehicle details to see what gains can be had with a stage one tune, and in many cases with Diesel Turbos, some fuel gains to be had. EUROTUNE

Check out what a stage one tune will do for my car

Why Now?

We have facilitated many tunes, however its been something we’ve outsourced, and struggled to answer questions quickly around, what are the gains? What price? and when can you do it?.

Now we will be able to provide this info on the spot. and time frames we can manage based around our own workshop loadings…. Wins all around.

We will look at combination deals also around engine detox (Carbon clean and walnut blasting) followed up with a performance tune.


EUROTUNE, is a nationwide franchise giving us a huge network and support.

Eurotune was founded by a group of individuals with extensive and deep experience in the performance and ECU tuning industry to serve the New Zealand market. Our tunes are developed on a dyno in New Zealand on Aus/NZ spec. vehicles, using local fuel, in local climatic conditions – all critical elements when tuning vehicles for the best driving experience and reliability.

Customer satisfaction is the heartbeat of our company, and when combined with the wealth of knowledge, skills and experience of our New Zealand dealer network; first class products and consumer experiences are delivered. Our car tuning ECU remaps are designed to provide an increased level of performance that enhances customers driving experience, whilst maintaining engine and driveline reliability and normal service levels.  Some diesel tuning and 4×4 tuning & ECU remapping companies quote higher torque and power and torque figures than we do, but they usually prove to be inaccurate or if actually delivered will likely compromise reliability whilst increasing service and maintenance costs. 

The Eurotune Head Office is based in Auckland New Zealand and our dealers have bricks and mortar premises in local communities. We don’t have travelling salespeople selling copied or cut and paste tunes out of the back of their vehicle that they purchased off Ebay, Alibaba, India, China, South Africa or the likes, to unsuspecting consumers who don’t understand what they are purchasing. 

Buying a remap is something you do once for your vehicle…do it right and choose Eurotune for your performance tuning and vehicle emission solution needs.


Sample, We are tuning Our Diesel E-Class E220. Take a look at the what we can expect to see, hp, nm and economy gains… A massive 100Nm of added torque. Looking forward to this!!

Prepping for tuning, obviously some basics need to happen… Ie, no current faults. We had no check lights on in this car but to be sure we run a full report on all systems, in this car our tool of choice is the Autologic.
As with most work we carry out now, even services, we connect to a battery support. We now have 4 battery supports which are running most of the day. The battery support will maintain a steady voltage, which while doing any sort of electrical work, coding, programming etc is critical. We purchased this battery support to be dedicated for the remapping of cars

First Tune went extremely well!!

Audi S3 with battery support on while we upload some POWER!!!

Air Conditioning for a cooler Wellington. Cooler summer, dryer Winter

Upgrade time with the purchase of a new AC servicing station loaded with features.  Our Weltec friend Adrian has been it to give us all a refresher course.  Now loaded with the equipment to assess most faults with HVAC and AC systems, scan tools to provide code reading and live data, Thermal gun provides a great visual tool for our temperatures of high and low pressure circuits, temperature drops across condensers etc and of course the AC station for Recovery, recycling, vacuuming and refilling of systems. 

Charging station put to work while we got schooled up on the new equipment. It was a bit of an eye opener as to how forgiving some cars are, we selected 4 cars, My car pictured, a BMW loan car, a customers Tiguan and a staff members Suzuki. All 4 cars fundamentally were cooling the cars, and exhibited no faults, IE, no electrical issues detected with the scan tools, codes etc. Thermal gun and touch test of the high and low pressure pipe work as expected, Ie, frosty cold and very hot. Temps across condensers acceptable and all cars were cool at the vents. (not freezing cold but definitely cooling). And the gauge pressures were with-in acceptable ranges…. However as we were training on the new equipment, all cars we degassed and the extracted amounts across all of them were 1/3 to 1/2 below the manufacturers specs.

As I said above, forgiving, however as we found out, they were working but no where near as effective as they could be and were about to be…. After a vacuum of the system and a recharge of the systems, all 4 cars had a considerable drop in temp at the vents. BMW loan car as an example we removed 330grams from the system which should have had over 700. Once recharged we saw as low as 1.5degrees at the vents..

All cars were tested for leaks, all were ok, all held a vacuum for our test period. Much like tyres on your car, there is a certain amount of loss over time., unlike a tyre where you can just pop on a gauge and top up the AC system isn’t as simple and the only way to really know is to recover and measure and recharge with the specified amount..

Thermal Gun, what a great tool to inspect the system, the obvious is check the temp at the vents, however its awesome to look at the expected temperature drop across the condenser (checking for blockages, internal or external) and pipe temps etc

Wellington European Tyres – YOKOHAMA now available.

Some time ago we added tyres to our growing list of services on offer. We have a large range available, Continental, Maxxis, Goodyear, Pirelli, Nankang and Hankook to name a few. Recently we managed to get YOKOHAMA on board. We had a request for some road legal track style tyres for the car pictured. Great outcome as we have now added Yokohama to our available tyre brands.

And this is why we service and WOF cars

Here’s is a great pic and a great example as to why cars get inspected like they do. On older cars with brake drums and shoes, the car had a way of telling you there was a problem. the brake pedal travel would get longer as the shoes wore out. The handbrake might not hold like it used too. The pedal may go soft or spongy.

In a modern car with disc brakes all around you can virtually have no brake linings left, but still have brakes that perform well, as was the case with the car in the picture below. By design the brakes are continuously adjusting as the pads wear. So they don’t go out of adjustment like an older car might. These brakes pictured well and truly passed the WOF brake test on our electronic gauge, however on the visual inspection they are about as low as you would dare to go and in fact were failed a WOF.

Other factors here too are this is only 1 of 4 pads in the front, and the pads don’t always wear evenly so often the one we cant see easily is worse off.

Timing Chain fun on an Audi Q7. Intense.

Here we have the rear of an Audi Q7 engine. This section requires the removal of the gearbox for access. So ultimately the complete subframe and powertrain needs to be removed. and then there is room to split off the gearbox and all of the associated intake and exhaust plumbing. If you look closely you can see some of the timing tool locking pins are fitted. This job started out as chasing oil leaks and ended in timing chain replacement as some ‘routine maintenance’.

More brakes, This time BMW M5

Check out these massive stoppers! These things are absolutely huge. Huge power under the bonnet requires matching huge stopping power to match. Nice Genuine fitment here, we also have some nice aftermarket options out there for these.

Oil Burning BMW for repair

BMW in for heavy oil consumption. The car was performing fine however the oil usage was high. Tests came back with using about 1Litre of oil per 1000km’s. Thankfully this owner had a mechanical breakdown insurance who came to the rescue and paid for a large portion of the repairs. As it turned out we did 2 of these jobs in August.

Both with policy’s through different providers. This one required ‘exhaust’ valve guides and valve stem seals. A reasonably common issue. The work involved removing the cylinder head for inspection and repairs as required. The owner in this case opted to renew the timing chain ‘kit’. The timing tool in ‘blue’ is fitted here as we ‘time’ the engine and torque up the crank and cam pulleys.

BMW’s twinning

Our car TOY006 was in for brakes and then its twin arrives for the same job. Snap, hit repeat in the shop.

Volvo Turbo Diagnostics

This car presented with warning lights on the dash and a lack of performance, going into limp mode. Turbo pressure codes., removal of the turbo we found the manifold cracked, leaking exhaust pressure. This is a reasonably common fault and this engine and turbo has a few applications, Land Rover, Ford and Volvo. Unfortunately these manifolds are made up of a double stainless skin and aren’t easily repaired. Reports of internal pieces breaking away and completely destroying the turbo. A nice Monday job fitting a new turbo on an updated aftermarket manifold to prevent the same fault re-occuring.

AC Cobra

Great seeing these arrive at WEEU. We are also looking after a few at the Hamilton shop, Terapa Auto Electrical. This particular one is a Graham Berry built replica. My 2 and 4 year year old boys were lucky enough to get special treatment with this car when we ran into the owner at a car show….