Diesel Tune NZ

We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with Diesel Tune NZ to be one of their official NZ dealers.

Check out the link to their site, put in your vehicle details to see what gains can be had with a stage one tune, and in many cases with Diesel Turbos, some fuel gains to be had. Diesel Tune NZ

Check out what a stage one tune will do for my car

Why Now?

We have facilitated many tunes, however its been something we’ve outsourced, and struggled to answer questions quickly around, what are the gains? What price? and when can you do it?.

Now we will be able to provide this info on the spot. and time frames we can manage based around our own workshop loadings…. Wins all around.

We will look at combination deals also around engine detox (Carbon clean and walnut blasting) followed up with a performance tune.

About DTNZ

Diesel Tune NZ, is a nationwide franchise giving us huge support, and although the name implies Diesel Tunes, we can do petrol’s as well, our first tune being a Mini Cooper S Turbo. See further down for pics and results, its now a little rocket!!! Customer feed back is “Im struggling to wipe the smile off my face”


Sample, We are tuning Our Diesel E-Class E220. Take a look at the what we can expect to see, hp, nm and economy gains… A massive 100Nm of added torque. Looking forward to this!!

Huge selling point here with most Diesel Turbo’s. Fuel gains to be had. We will be putting this to the test with our Mercedes.

Prepping for tuning, obviously some basics need to happen… Ie, no current faults. We had no check lights on in this car but to be sure we run a full report on all systems, in this car our tool of choice is the Autologic.
As with most work we carry out now, even services, we connect to a battery support. We now have 4 battery supports which are running most of the day. The battery support will maintain a steady voltage, which while doing any sort of electrical work, coding, programming etc is critical. We purchased this battery support to be dedicated for the remapping of cars

First Tune went extremely well!!

Training is in session, a long time customer of ours put his hand up to be the first tune done in-house by WEEU and DTNZ. Craig from DTNZ did all the hard work while we observed….
Subject, Mini Cooper S

All tunes come with a ‘Diesel Tune NZ’ certificate.

This is the smile before Stuart even drove the car, Check out his FEEDBACK

Audi S3 with battery support on while we upload some POWER!!!

Audi S3 with the fun factor added, Official Cert provided


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