We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with Diesel Tune NZ to be one of their official NZ dealers.


Why Now?

We have facilitated many tunes, however its been something we’ve outsourced, and struggled to answer questions quickly around, what are the gains? What price? and when can you do it?.

Now we will be able to provide this info on the spot. and time frames we can manage based around our own workshop loadings…. Wins all around.

We will look at combination deals also around engine detox (Carbon clean and walnut blasting) followed up with a performance tune.

About DTNZ

Diesel Tune NZ, is a nationwide franchise giving us huge support, and although the name implies Diesel Tunes, we can do petrol’s as well, our first tune being a Mini Cooper S Turbo. See further down for pics and results, its now a little rocket!!! Customer feed back is “Im struggling to wipe the smile off my face”