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So its been a hectic few weeks, nothing like a re-brand to get a rush of questions and a flood of new inquiry. So I thought I would do a wee blog with some updates on whats going on and whats coming up.

To cover off the most frequently asked question, “Why the re-brand?”.  It’s simple, we purchased the old business in 2013 with a 5 year contract to use the brand.  That contract has expired however we wanted to continue to provide service in wellington for our existing customers and continue to grow our share of the British and European car servicing market.

Moving forward is now our complete focus, getting the word out that we are still here, in the same shop doing the same job we’ve been doing for the last 5 years.  We do invite our social media people to jump on board and like and share our Instagram and FB posts etc. (And we hope you enjoy the car content coming at you).  I’m a car guy and I would spend all day snapping pics of cars if i had the time to do it.

The next question is “Why Wellington European or WEEU?”.  My wife and I debated names for a very long time, we liked the old name and it’s play on words.  I was trying to be clever and come up with a quirky name, but we just couldn’t find anything thats not already been done.  Wellington European we actually sidelined initially but it re surfaced and stuck.  There will be opinions on this however….. WE INCLUDE BRITISH CARS in the EU…  We have  invested too much time (us personally for 5 years) and the location has a 35+ year history with Jaguar, Land Rover, Range Rover and Aston Martin.  We are definitely not turning our backs on these marques and in fact will be pushing the brands in the coming months.  The name Wellington European Automotive specialists says what it means, there’s no confusion about what or who we are….

WEEU? Heres the quirk!  A couple of reasons for this, its short and easy for domains, IE or Also for trademarking we needed a logo/quirk as Wellington European was too generic. We are hooked on the logo and hope you like it too.


Where’s the courtesy cars??  Well they are still out there in stealth (no stickers now since March), blending in with all the other Silver E46 BMW’s, however…  There are some changes coming.  We’ve had for 5 years 3 Silver BMW’s and they have served us well.  We always get the comments ‘I see your car everywhere’.  Well yes because we have three and they are hardly ever on site…..  We intend to sell 2 of the BMW’s, they are currently out on long term loans while projects get finished (and they are on Trademe).  TOY001 is the first one we got and I just cant let it go so it will be getting a sticker upgrade.  We are also demoting my wife’s car to the loan fleet, a MK5 Golf.  And when the BMW’s sell we will replace them with a MK6 Golf wagon.  Essentially the old cars are largely used up and done their dash, had a good run but time for newer and fewer kms…

Anyway… we couldn’t have asked for a better start to our new chapter, there is still more to come but its one project at a time while we sort through the remaining rebrand jobs….

Potential Launch- we are gauging interest in a potential open day/ a Saturday 10-1:00.  We have some suppliers on board to assist and answer questions/demo’s etc and have a few cars lined up.  Plans are still in their infancy but if we get enough interest we would like to make a go of it……

Well thats enough from me, see some of whats been through recently and check out some of the newly painted workshop… more to do, when will it end…..))




Courtesy car below, funny with no stickers after 5 years.  This one we are keeping, I’ve done a lot of trips with this car and just cant say good bye..

Silver golf getting sorted before going out on loan.. 2006 MK5 GT.  Sorry the RS4 and R32 are customers cars…

1st March and we get to move into this space. guess I’m knocking a wall down!!!!





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May 5, 2018 at 8:52 AM

New brand, same great service. Awesome effort to get the business to this point. Keep up the great work.

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