Mercedes for Sale 2013 E220

2013 E220 Diesel Turbo Mercedes for sale, see our cars for sale Mercedes Link, also TradeMe link.

We purchased 2 of these direct out of the UK, previously owned by Mercedes-Benz financial services UK.  We sold the Wagon after a short while.  The sedan we’ve kept hold of as we have just enjoyed it too much, not to mention the fuel economy we’ve enjoyed.  However its time to move it on and get something else, so time for a wee push…

When purchasing this car we had been shopping locally and found most yards kept adding costs to the advertised price, in particular the fresh import market, more money for Nav and extra for warranty etc etc. Our advertised price is all in, includes 1 year warranty (vero product). We will service it at time of sale and include an additional service (condition is it comes back to us).  GPS, bluetooth, Audio etc all functional.

We have used the car off and on for around 15 months and found it exceptional for fuel economy, the ride is amazing and the power, even though its the smaller Diesel for an E Class is always surprising.




Also just added this Jaguar for sale, Selling on behalf, original car..

Jaguar E-Type and Mercedes E220


Jaguar for Sale

Jaguar Etype for sale, exclusively at Wellington European. Selling on behalf, only advertised for a short time while car is between storage locations, can be viewed by appointment at Wellington European, 6 King Street, Wellington. (off the market again end of May 2018)

1970 Jaguar E-Type 2+2

This is a very orignal car and comes with all of the original shipping and purchase agreement documentation.

Un-restored and mostly original car..






British Car day Feb 2018

Winter work shop upgrades

So we’ve had a few lights go out over the summer, great excuse for some upgrades, these new LED’s are insane.  We might need a dimmer!!!!!

Jaguars, 2 lovely ladies

A couple of E-Types in for a visit


Detailing, looking after some recent detail work with some wrap

Warning, shiny paint work inside!!!





FinerDetails Detailing

Jaguar getting some Finer Details NZ treatment.  Detail Depot product doing its magic


Two lovely ladies

E-Type and DB9., Two very awesome but very different 2door sports cars.

Old or new, which would you have????





Two lovely Jaguars in today.


XK8 and E-type


Green XK8 in for a waiting WOF check today.


Jaguar vs Porsche, which would you have!!

Some nice eye candy outside the shop today,

60’s 2 door convertible from Britain or a 90’s 2 door convertible out of Germany, Which would you have?


Jaguar E-type in Red

One of our regulars in for its Warrant of Fitness, Always a pleasure to have this on display.