Sample July

Here’s a weeu sample from July, some very nice cars, were plenty more but missed my chance with the camera….











Mercedes A250 in for Service

This beauty was in for service this week, stunning car. I think i want one!


Mercedes Detailing

Mercedes in for a WOF and Service, upgraded to a detail, Another great job by Chris at final touch


1962 Mercedes Benz 220S For Sale

We have another car coming up for sale on behalf, check out our listings for this stunning old classic..  See Listing.

Mercedes for Sale 2013 E220

2013 E220 Diesel Turbo Mercedes for sale, see our cars for sale Mercedes Link, also TradeMe link.

We purchased 2 of these direct out of the UK, previously owned by Mercedes-Benz financial services UK.  We sold the Wagon after a short while.  The sedan we’ve kept hold of as we have just enjoyed it too much, not to mention the fuel economy we’ve enjoyed.  However its time to move it on and get something else, so time for a wee push…

When purchasing this car we had been shopping locally and found most yards kept adding costs to the advertised price, in particular the fresh import market, more money for Nav and extra for warranty etc etc. Our advertised price is all in, includes 1 year warranty (vero product). We will service it at time of sale and include an additional service (condition is it comes back to us).  GPS, bluetooth, Audio etc all functional.

We have used the car off and on for around 15 months and found it exceptional for fuel economy, the ride is amazing and the power, even though its the smaller Diesel for an E Class is always surprising.




Also just added this Jaguar for sale, Selling on behalf, original car..

Jaguar E-Type and Mercedes E220


Sold E-Class E220.

Sold, one down, one to go.

Was a pleasure to have this to enjoy for the last few months….. Now to move the sedan!!!


Detailing, looking after some recent detail work with some wrap

Warning, shiny paint work inside!!!





Detailing on a Mercedes E500

Some stunning work done here, this paint was covered in swirls and imperfections, probably looks better now than it did the day it left the show room


Under wraps while waiting for customer collection


E220 Mercedes for sale

So weve been waiting a while for these to arrive from the UK, hold ups with earthquakes and flooding, but here they are at last.  Some work to be done for compliance and because we want to…. Brakes, servicing, GPS and speedo conversions, and detailing…




Here she is..








The wagon was a day late, relief to see it drive into the workshop…




A simple change to get the digital read out into KM’s..


Meyle Brake discs going on, great German brand parts for our German cars…




Oil and oil filter going in with some MB rated LiquiMoly oil.  New air filter too.








Tints had to come off for compliance, still left with a nice factory tint…  Rhino Racks and Rhino roofbox gone on….


Above, All road legal now so are putting wagon to good use…, getting a chauffeur drive on Xmas day (Thanks to my brother turning up at the hotel in a suit!!!).


We gave the wagon a run for Xmas, Impressive fuel economy for a big car, fully loaded with bags, 4 adults, roof racks and roof box, and we managed 6Litres/100kms.  901kms was under $65 in Diesel.  Didn’t push it but also wasn’t doing an economy run so very pleased with it.



Which would you prefer??!!

Two very nice rides in last week, which would you prefer, AMG or RS4.  We like them both!!!