And this is why we service and WOF cars

Here’s is a great pic and a great example as to why cars get inspected like they do. On older cars with brake drums and shoes, the car had a way of telling you there was a problem. the brake pedal travel would get longer as the shoes wore out. The handbrake might not hold like it used too. The pedal may go soft or spongy.

In a modern car with disc brakes all around you can virtually have no brake linings left, but still have brakes that perform well, as was the case with the car in the picture below. By design the brakes are continuously adjusting as the pads wear. So they don’t go out of adjustment like an older car might. These brakes pictured well and truly passed the WOF brake test on our electronic gauge, however on the visual inspection they are about as low as you would dare to go and in fact were failed a WOF.

Other factors here too are this is only 1 of 4 pads in the front, and the pads don’t always wear evenly so often the one we cant see easily is worse off.

More brakes, This time BMW M5

Check out these massive stoppers! These things are absolutely huge. Huge power under the bonnet requires matching huge stopping power to match. Nice Genuine fitment here, we also have some nice aftermarket options out there for these.

WEEU Audi Quattro ‘Project Rusty’

Project Rusty’s has a huge FB following and it was great to have an opportunity to help with the build and assist with the finishing work to get the WOF sorted..

Below, day 1 with the new signage on the building, great to have a classy classic for the first photo

Whats better that one hotrod??  Two!!!  Very rare RS2 having a visit..


New WOF, New WEEU lube sticker, time to hit the road!!


Jaguars, 2 lovely ladies

A couple of E-Types in for a visit


The Holiday season is around the corner

Summer is around the corner, as is the holiday season.  Is your car ready for those trips away.  Come and see us for your pre holiday check or service to make sure you have a safe journey.

All vehicles serviced between now and Christmas get a complementary 6 month breakdown service included. All WOF inspections done with a service will only be $25+gst

The workshop is already getting busy with the build up so make sure you get in quick to avoid missing out.


See below for a sample of what we do…

We specialize in British and European Vehicles.

We use LiquiMoly oils out of Germany

We have the latest in diagnostic equipment, all services get a scan and service reset where applicable.

All mechanical repairs.

Tyres at competitive rates.

All of our staff are very experienced technicians.

We can assist with Warranty and Warranty work.

Interior and exterior detailing, including headlight refurbishment, paint correction and paint protection.

Rhino rack roof racks and accessories.  Rack, roof boxes, bike racks, ski racks etc.

Parts for all makes and models

MTA members
















Mini Cooper visiting the workshop

Mini getting set for some brake work next week…



AMG Week

Short Week this week, nice to have a couple of AMG Mercedes come through the doors.  The coupe hasn’t seen many km’s over the last few years, so we did our part to help get the rego back on track, while the C55 got a fresh set of front brakes and the LiquiMoly service treatment.






AMG Mercedes Brakes

Some new parts going onto a C55 AMG this week.  Quality Zimmerman German parts.


Audi brakes coming in, Quality parts.

As well as a nice upgrade kit for an S4 come out of the states utilising some Porsche parts

Below are some lovely Genuine discs and pads, direct out of Germany


This Audi S4 Porsche upgrade, came with discs, pads, calipers and hoses.  Slight mods needed for the backing plate, a certification was needed however no faults noted, a very nice upgrade for sure.


Audi Brakes

Some more massive brakes brought to you by Audi RS4….


Below are some even BIGGER brakes, V10 verse V8