Volvo Turbo Diagnostics

This car presented with warning lights on the dash and a lack of performance, going into limp mode. Turbo pressure codes., removal of the turbo we found the manifold cracked, leaking exhaust pressure. This is a reasonably common fault and this engine and turbo has a few applications, Land Rover, Ford and Volvo. Unfortunately these manifolds are made up of a double stainless skin and aren’t easily repaired. Reports of internal pieces breaking away and completely destroying the turbo. A nice Monday job fitting a new turbo on an updated aftermarket manifold to prevent the same fault re-occuring.

Type-R meets Miltek!!

Brand new TypeR Honda getting a full miltek system.




OIh, and some intake work too….





BMW downpipe install

135 BMW down pipe install, great kit supplied by the customer, very tight fit, a bit fiddly to get it in but looks and sounds great.

BMW Service wellington






Above and below shows just how close this install is. Only mm’s clearance from bolt heads etc, what a squeeze!

Stage 2 Tune, Mk 7 Golf

The target is 336-340HP and 400+ FT of torque.  Tune mods include a Stage 2 remap, full Miltek exhaust (decat system), cold air intake, and upgraded blow off valve…  Other work includes a full set of mags and tyres, carbon rear lip and mirrors. This car will be a huge amount of fun!!

Lets get started!!!



Above and below showing the difference in the intake systems

There is a turbo up in there somewhere!!!!

New system in, tailpipes look amazing, much larger than the standard.


Old verse new, catalytic converter delete, and larger diameter outlet



2016 Wish-list Audi TT and Land Rover Discovery 3

2016 Wish-list

Coming up to our 3rd year anniversary as the new owners in Wellington and we are looking to upgrade/add on to our courtesy cars.  With a view to up-spec an already very cool car to showcase some of the things we like to do and certainly the types of cars we enjoy seeing through the workshop.  Its a tough decision to know what that car might be and we still aren’t sold on this one yet, however it is a great looking car that is well appointed from the factory, the 2.0 TFSI engine poking out 200 Hp with a DSG S-Tronic gearbox behind it, driving power to 4 wheels, I’m excited.

This pics represents one that’s already been modded, so you get the idea of where this is heading..  We don’t have an unlimited budget, so want to have something that’s reasonably priced from the start, and for an additional $4-5000 can be turned into something very exciting… Is the TT it??

What we might get that’s suits the budget could be:  Remap, miltek exhaust and intake mods, some wrapping, some tinting and some lowering, all of which will be done on site…



Our other project is to retire our old P38 Range rover to a new home and get into a later Land Rover Discovery 2.7TD.  We see this as a great promotional vehicle for our Bluefin/Superchips product as a demonstrator, with a stage 1 tune boasting an additional 100NM of torque, as well as up to 10% in fuel saving when driven for economy.  Also looking to deck out with Rhino-Rack gear so we have it available to show off and demo as needed.  We love our old P38 Range Rover but I think its time to upgrade…, again, is this the vehicle we go for, nothing is set in stone, that’s why its a ‘wish list’.


BMW Tarmac Rally Car

BMW E30 Race car. What a mixture of car we’ve seen already in 2016, loving this E30…






Lotus Elise servicing, repairs and maintantence

Lotus Elise having a bit of a birthday with the cooling system..

General service

Radiator and heater core replacement.

Remote thermostat and external oil cooler fitment.

Exhaust wrap

Some fun jobs for a fun car!!!!








Fitting an external oil cooler has meant removing the extractor heat shield so we’ve done a heat wrap to keep the engine bay temperatures down…


Some Christmas wrapping happening early


Front off for better access to heater matrix and the radiator, surprisingly easy to remove…


Heat exchanger oil cooler fitment squeezed up between the engine and the cockpit, FYI heat wrap requirement for exhaust..


Sandwich adaptor to run additional oil cooler pipes….


Nearly there, engine run and leak checked.  just the pipe work to secure,,,


A view from up top, looking good…

R32 Golf with some fancy exhaust work..

Some tricky exhaust work on this R32 Golf.
To feature on our new website that’s very close to launch…
Thanks to Autoclique for the photo, looks great



Ford Cortina MkII out for a run

This is my ‘toy’. Got a small run today. Some jobs to tick off over winter to have it ready for some summer fun…


Porsche Carrera 4 Exhaust GundoHack

Porsche Exhaust Mods as found online.

Our customer presented us with an online modification for his Porsche exhaust.  ‘The GundoHack’.

Ultimate result is more noise!!!!



New piece of stainless bent to be shaped to fit


Existing pipe cut to pipe to accept new bend, as well as capping cut off.


Dummy fit before welding


GundoHack x 1


Work in progress




One x tail pipe tidied up with Chemical Guys metal polish


Finished with a coat of paint, looks like its meant to be there




Cars now sounding awesome, small aligning to do and its job done…