Great little mini in the shop for a very minor repair, but brought back some fond memories of working on, modifying, tinkering, racing and navigating these great little machines.

Red mini getting a new sealed beam headlight, Who knew? Same part as an old series land rover headlight, and cheap!!

I want to Say 2001, I was given the great opportunity to navigate this little car in the Targa NZ Rally. Build up was every Thursday night in a cold dark garage in Morrinsville, working through lists and lists of jobs… All paid off, with a 2nd in class result in our first ever rally!!
Good times.)

1962 Mercedes Benz 220S For Sale

We have another car coming up for sale on behalf, check out our listings for this stunning old classic..  See Listing.

Jaguar for Sale

Jaguar Etype for sale, exclusively at Wellington European. Selling on behalf, only advertised for a short time while car is between storage locations, can be viewed by appointment at Wellington European, 6 King Street, Wellington. (off the market again end of May 2018)

1970 Jaguar E-Type 2+2

This is a very orignal car and comes with all of the original shipping and purchase agreement documentation.

Un-restored and mostly original car..






British Car day Feb 2018

Lotus Wellington European visit

Lotus Evora visits Wellington European

Not the first Evora we’ve seen and hopefully not the last. Super cool little sports car getting a check over…







WEEU Audi Quattro ‘Project Rusty’

Project Rusty’s has a huge FB following and it was great to have an opportunity to help with the build and assist with the finishing work to get the WOF sorted..

Below, day 1 with the new signage on the building, great to have a classy classic for the first photo

Whats better that one hotrod??  Two!!!  Very rare RS2 having a visit..


New WOF, New WEEU lube sticker, time to hit the road!!


ProjectGreen Series 3 Land Rover ’88’ 1973

We shall call this ProjectGreen.

1973 Land Rover Series 3, seen better days.  Its had the Holden Conversion, however looking to get this back to a factory set up, owners hunting for a factory 4 cylinder Landy motor.  Body wise, likely going to a more modern colour that will pay tribute to Land Rover heritage. Interior, well maybe  a comfy seat!!!!   All subject to whats found when the bodyworks lifted off……


So I was given this truck as a donation and have taken it on as a private project of my own.. (big brother had one when I was maybe 11 and I still remember being allowed to steer it around the streets of Raetihi).   Cant help but talk about it so thought why not blog about it as there has been keen interest.  Its not a Toy Shop Wellington job, but will be getting some attention in a back corner somewhere from time to time…  (If I ever get time).

Big news is this Series 3 is in need of extensive rust repairs in all the common places, including but not limited too the bulk head.  Search for a bulkhead through some like minded friends turned up nothing.  However during the search I was referred to a FB site and found a Series 2a that’s been in a barn for 8 years, lets call it ‘Little Blue’.  Some negotiation has resulted in I now own a Series 2a, and as luck would have it, they have a series 3 Bulk head which keeps project green alive as well.  Some wheel and tyres also came up that’s just could not be passed up, odd to buy the tyres at the start of a build but the deal was just too good.

Scroll down to see the latest pics… ‘Little Blue’, still in the deep South but not for long….


Little blue has arrived, and ive been busy knocking out walls and doing some reno to make room for it.  Not a lot will happen now aside from rebuilding the workspace.  Will save working on the Landy for winter.









*Above  Jury’s out, can it be salvaged??!!

*Above   “I’ve been driving these things since I was this tall!!”


Looks like a couple of beers involved here in the negotiation stages…..


‘Little Blue’ sunlight for the first time in 8 years..  If the plates read true, its a 1968 LandRover 88.

Coming up on 50 years old I think its in pretty good shape, door hinges to get the doors back to their correct position and the body doesn’t appear out of order at all….






Little blue has arrived, and I’ve been busy knocking out walls and doing some reno to make room for it.  Not a lot will happen now aside from rebuilding the workspace.  Will save working on the Landy for winter.











Jaguars, 2 lovely ladies

A couple of E-Types in for a visit


Alfa in for a tune and WOF

First time seeing this car and we love it.









MKII Jaguar

Tidy Example of a NZ new Jaguar, very impressive!!







Rangerover run to the mountain

So a while ago I was invited along on a road trip with the ‘New Zealand Range Rover and Land Rover Discovery’ club, after following their Facebook page.  I thought I would pop up a few of the pics that appeared on FB.

Was great to be a part of the convoy of Wellington Rangies. We had a meet up in Paraparaumu, as I was a newbie I got to meet the group and as it turned out I new a couple of the vehicles and drivers. (Scarey when I remember regos…)

From here we convoyed through to Sanson where we picked up a couple more and made our way through to the army museum in Waiouru. We had a great line up of range rovers and a landy. Not sure I’ve seen so many in one spot outside of the workshop.

I had other plans from here and had to leave the group.. Looks like a great time had up in the snow off the dessert road.

For me coming home to Wellington on Sunday I encountered a lot of snow, grateful to be in my 4wd.




















This ones on my way home on Sunday… Good times…