Haldex VW and Audi

Nice MK IV R32 in today getting the Haldex filter and oil changed.

More and more enquiry coming through re servicing the Haldex and the DSG Gearbox’s in Audis and VW’s.

Questions like can we do it? Well of course we can!!










More and more enquiry to service the Haldex so here’s the tool for the job to make it a bit easier for the techs….



VW Tunes happening today, R32 and GTi Mk5 Golfs

Bluefin tuning happening today on these Golfs.

Plug and play added horsepower.




Pulling out the original file to keep on hand….


Some great feedback from one of the tune we did (Citroen)

I would like to take the opportunity to say that the car performance/behaviour has changed significantly on take-off, the lag is gone. It also feels quieter and smoother. Overall, a more enjoyable drive. If I only knew that it would perform this better I’d have it done earlier; Satisfaction overcomes cost.

Thank you for all the prompt and clear communication, professionalism and quality of service throughout the process. I will definitely recommend your shop to others.

Have a great weekend!

Kind regards,

Marcelo Wehrs


Wellington European Golf R32 WOF

Tidy Golf in today for its annual WOF inspection




VW R32 in Blue, what a colour!!

R32 Golf in for service and a few extra’s, What a colour!!


R32 Golf with some fancy exhaust work..

Some tricky exhaust work on this R32 Golf.
To feature on our new website that’s very close to launch…
Thanks to Autoclique for the photo, looks great



A small sample of today’s visitors, Audi RS4 Wagon, VW R32 Golf and a 1967 MkII Jaguar… I want all of them!!!

Audi RS4


VW R32




MKII Jaguar