Volvo Turbo Diagnostics

This car presented with warning lights on the dash and a lack of performance, going into limp mode. Turbo pressure codes., removal of the turbo we found the manifold cracked, leaking exhaust pressure. This is a reasonably common fault and this engine and turbo has a few applications, Land Rover, Ford and Volvo. Unfortunately these manifolds are made up of a double stainless skin and aren’t easily repaired. Reports of internal pieces breaking away and completely destroying the turbo. A nice Monday job fitting a new turbo on an updated aftermarket manifold to prevent the same fault re-occuring.


2 Range Rover Evoques in for work. Diesel had a service and a tune while the Petrol had rear brakes replaced. Nice to start seeing a few of these coming through the shop.


Parts updates

So whose been paying attention?!

April 2018 saw us free of our previous licence we had operated for 5 years, which in turn has enabled us to re-brand.

A few other changes for us revolve around parts supply, more specifically Jaguar LandRover parts.  We now have had the flood gates open and are spoilt for choice as to where and how we purchase our parts for these brands.  We do feel that ultimately this will mean better service to our customers as we can shop around if parts arent available on the first try, and there are a number of workshops and parts departments for us to try, who are willing to offer us great rates that we can pass on….

We have also had overseas interest with regards to parts supply and in the short term we are testing the waters here, watch this space.


Range Rover compressor hot off the plane!!

Wheel Refurbishment

Now wishing I had taken a before shot.

This wheel was silver and majorly curbed, repaired and opted to go Black…..


A nice spread of cars in today

Here’s just a couple sitting out the front this morning….


Rangerover run to the mountain

So a while ago I was invited along on a road trip with the ‘New Zealand Range Rover and Land Rover Discovery’ club, after following their Facebook page.  I thought I would pop up a few of the pics that appeared on FB.

Was great to be a part of the convoy of Wellington Rangies. We had a meet up in Paraparaumu, as I was a newbie I got to meet the group and as it turned out I new a couple of the vehicles and drivers. (Scarey when I remember regos…)

From here we convoyed through to Sanson where we picked up a couple more and made our way through to the army museum in Waiouru. We had a great line up of range rovers and a landy. Not sure I’ve seen so many in one spot outside of the workshop.

I had other plans from here and had to leave the group.. Looks like a great time had up in the snow off the dessert road.

For me coming home to Wellington on Sunday I encountered a lot of snow, grateful to be in my 4wd.




















This ones on my way home on Sunday… Good times…


Evoque Range Rovers increasing in numbers…

Starting to see these on the streets of Wellington.  Currently researching importing one in from the UK, trying to find the right one… We had a nice blue diesel one in this week.


Evoque Range Rover

Range Rovers small car the Evoque, very cool ride…. Looking forward to seeing more of these as more come onto the market


2016 Range Rover

Nice surprise today to see a brand new Range Rover with less than 1000km’s on the clock.  Super nice guy, shame I was too busy to take up the offer of giving it a drive, left that to the tech’s


Blue P38 Range Rover in for some routine repairs

Blue P38 Range Rover in for some routine repairs.  Very very tidy example here!