Sample July

Here’s a weeu sample from July, some very nice cars, were plenty more but missed my chance with the camera….











Lotus Wellington European visit

Lotus Evora visits Wellington European

Not the first Evora we’ve seen and hopefully not the last. Super cool little sports car getting a check over…







LOTUS visiting Wellington European

These are becoming a regular occurrence. doesn’t make them any easier to get on a 2 poster hoist but we still enjoy having them…. WEEU !


Don’t think these wheels will fit…..

Lotus Service

2017 Lotus Elise getting a first service. Stunning little car with just over 1000km’s on it.





Lotus Elan in for some tune work

Very nice Lotus Elan in with some tune faults to work through…

First time visit, nice to be growing the Lotus customer base






Lotus Elise servicing, repairs and maintantence

Lotus Elise having a bit of a birthday with the cooling system..

General service

Radiator and heater core replacement.

Remote thermostat and external oil cooler fitment.

Exhaust wrap

Some fun jobs for a fun car!!!!








Fitting an external oil cooler has meant removing the extractor heat shield so we’ve done a heat wrap to keep the engine bay temperatures down…


Some Christmas wrapping happening early


Front off for better access to heater matrix and the radiator, surprisingly easy to remove…


Heat exchanger oil cooler fitment squeezed up between the engine and the cockpit, FYI heat wrap requirement for exhaust..


Sandwich adaptor to run additional oil cooler pipes….


Nearly there, engine run and leak checked.  just the pipe work to secure,,,


A view from up top, looking good…

Lotus Evora getting its service and routine maintenance

2010 Lotus Evora

Surprise visit from this customer today for an impromptu service, couldn’t say no., Little Lotus Elise parked two hoists down. Shame we couldn’t get a nice shot of them together but this was a flying visit..


Lotus Éclat getting a Warrant of fitness

Lotus Éclat 1976 in for its WOF check today, tidy old car


Lotus Excel in for a WOF today, nice day to go driving

Tidy Lotus being used as a daily driver at the moment, Nice twin Cam under the bonnet with roaring carbs….


Lotus Excel twin cam

Old School

Twin Cam

Twin Carb