VW Tunes happening today, R32 and GTi Mk5 Golfs

Bluefin tuning happening today on these Golfs.

Plug and play added horsepower.




Pulling out the original file to keep on hand….


Some great feedback from one of the tune we did (Citroen)

I would like to take the opportunity to say that the car performance/behaviour has changed significantly on take-off, the lag is gone. It also feels quieter and smoother. Overall, a more enjoyable drive. If I only knew that it would perform this better I’d have it done earlier; Satisfaction overcomes cost.

Thank you for all the prompt and clear communication, professionalism and quality of service throughout the process. I will definitely recommend your shop to others.

Have a great weekend!

Kind regards,

Marcelo Wehrs


Bluefin and Superchips remapping JANUARY 2016 DISCOUNTS

Late January 2016 we have organised Bluefin/Superchips to be onsite.. As we have a few vehicles lined up while they are here we are able to offer a 10% discount this time around.

We’ve had a huge amount of interest lately for VW Golf GTi and R32, as well as the 2.7 and 3.0 TD Discovery and Range Rover sport engines.

The Turbo engines respond especially well to stage 1 remaps and in a lot of cases fuel efficiency gains have been reported back to us.  This is definitely the case with the Discovery/Range Rover engines we have remapped where there is nearly an additional 100NM’s of torque added.


Here is a typical spec sheet for a MK5 GTi Golf with a Stage 1 remap

Volkswagen Golf Mk5 GTI 2.0T FSI (200PS)

9/2004 – 9/2009

Engine type : Turbocharged Petrol

Engine size : 1984 cm3

Cylinders : 4

Original bhp : 197 (147kW)

Original nm : 280

BHP increase : 41 (31kW)

NM gain : 54

Speed Limit Removal : Not Available


Here is a typical spec sheet for a Land Rover Discovery 2.7TD

2004 on

Engine type : Turbocharged Diesel

Engine size : 2720

Cylinders : 6

Original bhp : 187

Original nm : 440

BHP increase : 40

NM gain : 85



VW Golf R32 Miltek complete system



2016 Wish-list Audi TT and Land Rover Discovery 3

2016 Wish-list

Coming up to our 3rd year anniversary as the new owners in Wellington and we are looking to upgrade/add on to our courtesy cars.  With a view to up-spec an already very cool car to showcase some of the things we like to do and certainly the types of cars we enjoy seeing through the workshop.  Its a tough decision to know what that car might be and we still aren’t sold on this one yet, however it is a great looking car that is well appointed from the factory, the 2.0 TFSI engine poking out 200 Hp with a DSG S-Tronic gearbox behind it, driving power to 4 wheels, I’m excited.

This pics represents one that’s already been modded, so you get the idea of where this is heading..  We don’t have an unlimited budget, so want to have something that’s reasonably priced from the start, and for an additional $4-5000 can be turned into something very exciting… Is the TT it??

What we might get that’s suits the budget could be:  Remap, miltek exhaust and intake mods, some wrapping, some tinting and some lowering, all of which will be done on site…



Our other project is to retire our old P38 Range rover to a new home and get into a later Land Rover Discovery 2.7TD.  We see this as a great promotional vehicle for our Bluefin/Superchips product as a demonstrator, with a stage 1 tune boasting an additional 100NM of torque, as well as up to 10% in fuel saving when driven for economy.  Also looking to deck out with Rhino-Rack gear so we have it available to show off and demo as needed.  We love our old P38 Range Rover but I think its time to upgrade…, again, is this the vehicle we go for, nothing is set in stone, that’s why its a ‘wish list’.


Ford Fiesta in the garage today

2011 Ford Fiesta in for routine servicing today..  Customer wants more power!!!  Might suit a Bluefin or Superchips remap!!


Lotus Evora getting its service and routine maintenance

2010 Lotus Evora

Surprise visit from this customer today for an impromptu service, couldn’t say no., Little Lotus Elise parked two hoists down. Shame we couldn’t get a nice shot of them together but this was a flying visit..


Audi Q7 gets a remap

Audi Q7 gets a remap.

4.2 Turbo Diesel

See Below comments from Peter at Bluefin/Superchips on the feedback and gains we get from a remap on the Q7.

116NM gain is impressive

Sample pic as we did our Q7 out of town


We do alot of Audi Q7 4.2V8s as they respond so well to being Superchipped. You will get alot better throttle response, low down and midrange torque and the car will pull all the way to the red line. Many owners report anything up to 10% saving on fuel as well, due to the fact there is less gear changing. And the annoying lag that they have at low revs also disappears. With the 4.2V8 Q7 the gains are as follows;

Audi Q7 4.2 V8 TDI (340PS)

6/2009 onwards

Engine type : Turbo-Diesel

Engine size : 4134 cm3

Cylinders : 8

Original bhp : 335 (252kW)

Original nm : 760

BHP increase : 45 (34kW)

NM gain : 116

Speed Limit Removal : Not Available


Ford Fiesta upgrades, Larger Intercooler going in here…

Ford Fiesta

Some Performance upgrades happening today, Sports exhaust and larger intercooler going in… This cars also getting a stage 2 remap.

Very very quick little car…


Shiny and new!


Its been a VW Golf GTi kind of day!!!

Its been a Golf GTi kind of day!!!

We have a large number of GTi’s and R32’s coming in at the moment.. The GTi’s respond very well to a stage one Bluefin tune.

GTi + Bluefin = Pocket Rocket!!!