MK5 Volkswagen Golf ‘in-house’ play thing!! What is the plan?

Over the years we’ve purchased the odd broken car that’s arrived in the shop and treated as a wee project to do when we have down time. Often the cost of repairs can be more than the value of the car, so unless you have some real attachment to the car sometimes its easier just to get out of it and move to the next one. So this was the case with MZM532, stretched timing chain, resulting in 8 bent valves and zero compression.

So, WEEU bought the car to save it from the wrecking yard and popped it down the back end of the shop and waited for a quiet day to start some repairs. This picture is before we bought it, having just discovered the extent of the engine damage. As you can see its not in the best shape so its never going to be a show car, damaged bumpers, door gaps not great etc etc.

Anyway, a look over the the car uncovered other items, such as the drivers door window switch pack in pieces, some WOF items like front subframe bushes, and lower arm reaction bushes, roof lining starting to sag (Standard). What was going for it was, decent rubber and brakes, nice wheels (Likely changing anyway). Leather interior in reasonable condition.

So!!!!!! $500 buys the car. What is the plan?

In the first instance I figure we can save it from the scrap yard and keep costs down by having it as a ‘filler’ job. From there I don’t know. Fix and sell? Fix and sign write it, another loan car maybe? We don’t have anything really promoting ‘Wellington European Tyres’. So a tyre promo car??

Some jobs to take care of.. Window switch and door card repair, easy. Something we hadnt spotted with the car on the hoist and the tailgate up was the top of the tail gate was damaged., you will see we are now sporting a Black tailgate (for now).

Below, well the cylinder head came off and went to headmaster for repairs/rebuild, including 8 new valves and the re assembly included new chain kit, gaskets and the usual odds and ends. Interior is pretty good.

So we get the car going, ticked off the WOF work and some trim work and went driving. Other things to sort were some general tune and maintenance work, coils, plugs, and a DSG service. And while this was happening the apprentices added a sneaky bonnet stripe. For giggles it’s stayed on and might be inspiring something for the future branding on the car if that’s the way we go……

Now What?

So its together, its legal, its going well, and it has a black tail gate! And in amongst all of this we’ve engaged with a new tuner ‘EuroTune’ so we figured why not plug some power into it and have some fun.

Lets TUNE it!!

So on paper a stage 1 power tune takes this little 1.4 to 200HP. We’ve also done some other minor mods like a decat/downpipe and added the pops and bangs for a laugh. For now aside from the downpipe the exhaust is standard so the pops and bangs are minimal. I know plenty are going to hate on the pops and bangs, but hey, we are having some fun!!!

Now what/ watch this space.

We do have some wheels that we might try on it, and possibly give it a little lowering job, and then some signage…. But the immediate future is to get some km’s into it and make sure everything is working as it should, and enjoy the 200 HP’s!!!

Rhino-Rack. We love your Roof boxes

Overdue an update here, We’ve been doing Rhino-Rack sales and installs for quite sometime. Over the years the range has grown and a lot of it has been updated/improved. Recently we took delivery of the current model 530Litre roof box. A very elegant looking piece of hardware having moved away from the grey roof boxes of old, the new models are featured in a glossy black textured finish.

Check out the links below to see the large range of roof racks, boxes, bike racks, awnings, accessories and more

Visit RHINO-RACK Website for pricing

Visit the RHINO-RACK Fitment guide

The racks themselves are stylish with a great online fitment guide. The below racks are standing the test of time having been fitted to our company car now for several years and a still looking as good as new. FITMENT GUIDE, see what fits your vehicle

Collected from the local warehouse, this one below is destined to be fitted to a Mitsubishi Outlander, along with some new Rhino Racks. A family that likes to go camping went for the 530Litres of extra luggage space!

Dash-Cam Mongoose

Taking on an additional shop in Hamilton that is Auto Electrical comes with some other opportunities for Wellington. We can now supply and fit dash cams, having a supply stream from Mongoose. Check out some of their range.

We run the QVIA AR790-2CH Dashcam in one of our cars. So a front and rear camera that you access via an App on you smartphone.. So many features, take a look at their website for all the info and other gadgets.

More info on this unit, checkout the Mongoose Website

Te Rapa Auto Electrical

Our new business venture in Hamilton, take a look at some snippets from our first newsletter…. Note, the website is still to be updated, but you get the idea….)

Very exciting times for us here at Wellington European, taking on another business in another location, a great new challenge for us and we see both businesses will complement each other and add to the services offered in both locations.

Dash Cams / Mongoose

Some new tech on board. With the purchase of ‘TeRapa Auto Electrical’ we have opened up some avenues for other services and accessory’s.
To get things going we have got into stock the top spec Dash-cam system mongoose offers. Front and rear camera systems with multiple functions. Added peace of mind while driving, check out all the features here..

Check out the Mongoose Range here

‘utrack’ GPS trackers

Want some extra security for you car, boat, trailer or personal belonging. ‘utrack’ is a great piece of tech that can be charged up and/or hard wired into your vehicle. They come with a great app for your smart phone or web browser. Some of the features include the obvious, GPS location of your unit. Tracking on a time line, location and speeds. History shown too. Great for getting your ‘Geek’ on!!

Other uses include added security, as well as some useful health and safety benefits for business types with fleets of vehicles. Knowing where your vehicles and workers are at any given time. Tracking parked hours at locations can be a useful tool in itself while pricing/justifying chargeable hours for offsite work.

GeoFence. Add a virtual perimeter or multiple virtual perimeters and receive alerts when your vehicle leaves your allocated zones..

Immobilizer options, some units come with this feature where we isolate the fuel pump power supply and can remotely disable the vehicle. What a great feature!!

We are currently installing at Wellington European and Te Rapa Auto Electrical.

Utrack units come in different shapes and sizes, check out the utrack website for the full range.

Series Land Rover Parts

A box load of series 2A parts arrived for our weekend warrior!! Electronic ignition to Shock absorbers…

BMW downpipe install

135 BMW down pipe install, great kit supplied by the customer, very tight fit, a bit fiddly to get it in but looks and sounds great.

BMW Service wellington






Above and below shows just how close this install is. Only mm’s clearance from bolt heads etc, what a squeeze!

Mini Cravenspeed supercharger reduction pulley kit

Want more boost?!

Cravenspeed have the kit for you, and weeu got to fit one.  Required a special tool (pictured) which we now have as part of our service tools (SST’s).

Customer supplied this kit which included the shorter drive belt.  The replacement reduction drive pulley has a chuck style locking mechanism allowing it to be fitted in place, however no room for conventional pullers to get the old pulley off.  Quite a lot of work required to strip back and lift the engine to a height to fit the Cravenspeed pulley puller…..


Clever little tool, likely only suitable for this job unlike the various multi fit tools out there.  Couldn’t do the job without it though.

Below, used the old belt to hold the new pulley in place while locating and tightening into position. An old technique for a new job and it work, not recommended on a new belt!!  This is the old and now redundant belt (Phew)..

Ummmm, looks worse that is really is, bonnet up, guard liner folded away, super charger down there somewhere!!





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