Audi RS2 parts find

Who would have thought replacing a cambelt could have been such an issue…  This very rare ‘prototype’ RS2 needed a cambelt,  as it turns out the cambelt was near impossible to locate through all the usual options we have.  Even the dealer has this part as NLA (no longer available), and this was the common response we got when shopping.

We did manage some parts, for example the waterpump, however when this arrived this too was incorrect, having a different sized drive pulley.

With some help from the owner who has club and forum contacts we found a small dealer in Germany that specialises and we’ve had our kit turn  up today!!!

Engine ADU

Head stamped 0000007, very early production and very rare car.







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jonathan said:

June 2, 2016 at 7:19 AM

who is the dealer you found with parts?

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