BMW’s twinning

Our car TOY006 was in for brakes and then its twin arrives for the same job. Snap, hit repeat in the shop.

Volvo Turbo Diagnostics

This car presented with warning lights on the dash and a lack of performance, going into limp mode. Turbo pressure codes., removal of the turbo we found the manifold cracked, leaking exhaust pressure. This is a reasonably common fault and this engine and turbo has a few applications, Land Rover, Ford and Volvo. Unfortunately these manifolds are made up of a double stainless skin and aren’t easily repaired. Reports of internal pieces breaking away and completely destroying the turbo. A nice Monday job fitting a new turbo on an updated aftermarket manifold to prevent the same fault re-occuring.

AC Cobra

Great seeing these arrive at WEEU. We are also looking after a few at the Hamilton shop, Terapa Auto Electrical. This particular one is a Graham Berry built replica. My 2 and 4 year year old boys were lucky enough to get special treatment with this car when we ran into the owner at a car show….

RS Audi BIG brakes!!!

This is only a little car, but these brakes are huge!!

Our new neighbours

So after a long couple of years dealing with noise and construction, trucks, trucks, and more trucks, we now have a shiny new building to look at from our entrance. I took this pic early morning, after the builders were done and before the tenants started moving. If you’ve not been to us for a while or at all then this landmark will let you know you’ve arrived at Wellington European….

More Tyres

So if you didn’t already know, we kicked off doing tyres at the end of 2021., and its been a huge success for us as we were already outsourcing this work, now we have taken out the middle man and have far more control over the timings of our jobs. Helps that both our apprentices have come to us from tyre shops too so they know their way around the equipment.

Some of the brands we have easy access to include, Continental, Maxxis, Pirelli, Hankook, Nankang and more


Something we’ve talked about for sometime now is to be doing our own tyres onsite. Machines, stock, consumables, and training all happened last week…. The reasons we’ve held back has been space, equipment and set up. However recent changes have created more room in the workshop, as well as 2 new junior techs started with us have both come from tyre shops, and have tyre fitting and balancing experience. Being members of 2 of NZ’s largest co-ops also gives us great buying power for a large range of wheels and tyres.

So…… we have done it with our first retail sales done in oct 2021. Ahead of schedule as we wanted to be up and running for November. We do have many brands to choose from with more in the pipeline, however the market we are in we think of Pirelli is a great fit.

Our aim is to provide better turn around timeframes with our tyres, as relying on outwork in general can lead to disappointment. Local supply will mean same day delivery in most cases and in time we will build our onsite stock.

Dash-Cam Mongoose

Taking on an additional shop in Hamilton that is Auto Electrical comes with some other opportunities for Wellington. We can now supply and fit dash cams, having a supply stream from Mongoose. Check out some of their range.

We run the QVIA AR790-2CH Dashcam in one of our cars. So a front and rear camera that you access via an App on you smartphone.. So many features, take a look at their website for all the info and other gadgets.

More info on this unit, checkout the Mongoose Website

CTEK Chargers

Now coming into stock we have these great ‘CTEK 7.0’ battery chargers. Will do lead acid, agm and Calcium. Great for that car that sits in the garage for extended period of time as either at top up charger or maintenance charger.

Rrp these are $416inc. Our special price while we have stock is $295inc.

Te Rapa Auto Electrical

Our new business venture in Hamilton, take a look at some snippets from our first newsletter…. Note, the website is still to be updated, but you get the idea….)

Very exciting times for us here at Wellington European, taking on another business in another location, a great new challenge for us and we see both businesses will complement each other and add to the services offered in both locations.