We are open Tuesday

WEEU and Covid-19

On the 28th of April WE ARE OPEN, and its business as usual, well almost….
 Locked down for a month, The end is near!!!

With the government announcing we are about to step down to ‘alert level 3’ we are all counting down to start getting back to some sort of new normal.  As always, we hope everyone has stayed safe and looked after themselves

Whats next at WEEU

There are going to be new rules in play with regards to hygiene and social distancing.  We will be taking advice from the govt ‘covid-19’ website as well as the ‘Motor Trade association’.   Everyone will have a different view, however having a taste of being closed for a month we do not want this virus to gain momentum, and send us all home again…, so please respect that we will be taking these rules around social distancing very seriously.

Based on the guide lines given to date we are required to maintain social distancing and a strict Hygiene Regime
 The Basics.
The workshop and office will be closed to the public, There is usually some parking available on the street for dropping off the car.
All interaction to be kept at a minimum, including maintaining a 2m distance. with an effort to have all information required via text or email.
We would request that all keys on drop off go into our letterbox. (Ie no contact).
Our technical staff will be available, however, road testing with customers and customer drop off at this time is not possible.
We will be cleaning all touch points on cars before and after working on, including using disposable seat covers and gloves.
Payment is required to be touch-less, online would be our preferred method. 
We can manually enter as we would for a telephone payment to avoid direct contact with the eftpos terminal. Payment is still required on or prior to collection as always. 
All invoices will be emailed.
Key collection to be confirmed.
We will be working the the ‘MTA’s guidelines in response to covid-19 Level 3See our Covid-19 work plan on our website Blog
See below for some added value on WOF and Service for April/May
WOF’s, there will be a lot of WOF’s out there to renew, we are sending our April/May reminders this week.  We’ve always done 1/2 price WOFs with a service when done together.  For April/May we will reduce the WOF further to $10+ if with service.All Services to the end of May will also receive a heavily reduced deal with the Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning machine if requested. Usually we charge this service out at $100+gst per car.  As part of a service deal for April May we will do for $25+gst
All of our servicing we use LiquiMoly and have done for years now. We will be discounting our LM range by 15% for April and May.
Lastly we are opening Saturdays for the short term, open only for WOF and service, by appointment. 
Expired WOF’s 

As above, we will be sending our WOF reminders this week.   There are some savings to be had if opting to have a service done at the same time. We will be running deals until the end of May. Discount WOF’s with a service. Discounted Oils and Carbon Cleans
We look forward to seeing all of you safe and well out the other side of this.  (From a distance).
From our family to yours
Be well.
John and the team


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